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Industrial Management (Code: QSB 123 – QSB 223)
Minor: Industrial Management; Business Administration; Operation & SCM

Admission to the program is regulated by the university admission plan. The information is publicly available online at the admission website of AAO This website clearly explains the programs, requirements, quota, previous admission scores, admission procedures, scholarship, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The university admission plan is usually prepared in May each year by AAO and approved by the Rector. The plan will specify the modes of admissions and the quota for each admission mode. The quota is based on the guideline of MOET and the university resources like the equivalent number of faculty members, the classroom areas, dormitories, etc.

Each year, VNUHCM also promulgates instructing documents such as Instruction for University Admissions and Instruction for The Admission process. Based on those documents and regulations, HCMUT will establish the admission plan.

The detailed regulation and instruction are available at the admission website at section admission modes. Effectively from 2016, the admissions to the program are based on 5 admission modes following below.

  • Admission by the National High School Exam Score. The National Exam is regulated and implemented by the MOET.
  • Admission by the Standardized Aptitude Test score. The test, which is administered by VNUHCM and similar to SAT format, is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants.
  • Priority admission is given to gifted students. Priority is given to a limited number of students who have high GPA and studied at one of the 132 gifted high schools across the country. The list of gifted schools and the selection process are regulated by VNUHCM. The list of high schools is available on the AAO website and updated annually.
  • Priority admission is given to the National Award Receivers. A small quota is reserved for the applicants who won national or international student competitions like the Olympics. The admission process is regulated by the AAO.
  • Other modes: International standardized tests like SAT score will be used if the candidate is a foreigner or graduated from a foreign high school.

The table below shows that the admissions based on the National High School Exam Score are still the most popular but decreasing while the admissions based on the VNUHCM aptitude test score become increasingly popular.

Targets of Admission Modes












National High School Exam Score


80 – 85


50 – 72

30 – 60

Priority Admission is given to the gifted students


15 – 20


15 – 25

15 – 20

Priority Admission is given to the national/ international student award winners

2 – 5


0 – 3

1 – 5

A standardized test administered by VNUHCM




10 – 40

30 – 70

International tests like SAT score




0 – 1

1 – 5

(Source: HCMUT Document of Admission Plan from 2016 to 2020

Entrance into the SIM programs is highly competitive. SIM regular program (Vietnamese) requires the highest minimum entrance exam score among the five industrial management programs in Southern Vietnam. For instance, in 2020, the minimum accepted score into SIM’s regular program was 26.5, which was the top 5% of the nation. The SIM high-quality program (English program) requires a lower minimum National Exam score because the students are required to have a higher level of English proficiency and pay a higher tuition fee.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the admission modes, we carried out an empirical study about how the admissions affect the student GPA in the following years. Based on the academic records of 962 students enrolled from 2015 to 2020, we find that both National High school Exam scores and Standardized Aptitude Test scores positively and significantly affect the student’s future performance. In addition, students who are enrolled by the priority admission tend to earn higher GPAs than other admission groups. The finding confirms that the gifted High School students and the award winners would become excellent students and the admission modes are appropriate.

Domestic Bachelor Program

The Industrial Management field has 3 minors: Industrial Management, Business Administration, and Operation & SCM.

International Program

MSM-MBA program, MBA-MCI program, International Master Program, High-quality bachelor program, UIS bachelor program…

Quality Assurance

School of Industrial Management has got the AUN-QA program quality certification, which was accredited by the ASEAN University Network. 

Career Opportunities

SIM graduates have opportunities to work at manufacturing, service, and trading organizations of various industries and scales.