Doctoral Program


Any applicants who are not fulflled the requirements about academic paper, foreign language of Ph.D. program could apply for the pre-doctoral program. Within 24 months, the applicant who satisfied the requirements according to the recruitment regulations will be accepted to this program.


Research direction/ topic presentation include: related research review, reason for choosing the research topic, research objectives and expected results, candidate’s experience, knowledge and prepation in the field of study, and plan for the research project.


Ph.D. candidate will be supervised by at least one scientist, who has the title of professorship or a Ph.D. degree in the proper field. Each candidate can have maximum of 2 supervisors, in which one supervisor must be a lecturer/prof. of HCMUT.

  • Be able to study and to do reseach with formal Ph.D. candidate;
  • Can participate in some training courses in preparing for the Ph.D. program, such as: research method, publication workshop…
  • Be able to accumulate a maximum of 50% of the total credits of Ph.D. program;
  • Can participate in research projects, and publish research results relating to the Ph.D. topic. These publications could be used during the formal Ph.D. program;
  • Will be recruited in the formal Ph.D. program when the candidate finishes all the requirements of recruitment process;
  • The duration of pre-doctoral program will not include in the duration of the formal Ph.D. program.


School of Industrial Management

Building B10, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

(84-28) 38650 460

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 17:00

Mạng xã hội






The Ph.D. candidate have to accumulate at least 90 credits (for whom got a Master degree), and 120 credits (for whom got a Bachelor degree).


Formal, Centralize.