Extracurricular Activities

Learning is a top goal for every student, but it shouldn’t be the only thing. Extracurricular activities are a useful playground for students to exercise their health and dynamism, and at the same time gain more knowledge. Faculty of Industrial Management always creates opportunities and encourages you to participate to develop comprehensively.

The Manager to Be

The Manager to Be is a contest for students of Polytechnic University and expanded to schools. The Manager opens a new, practical playground, promoting the spirit of curiosity, dynamism, creativity and solidarity of Industrial Management students in particular and students of the University of Science and Technology, students outside the school. Generally speaking.

Spring volunteer

Volunteer Spring” is a big annual activity launched by the Student Union. This year the campaign is expected to last from December 15, 2018 to January 19, 2019 with many exciting, practical and meaningful activities, such as: cooking porridge, distributing gifts at night, visiting the Orphans and difficult children

Manager's Night

The Management Festival Night is a big event of the Faculty of Industrial Management as well as of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, this event is organized annually by the teachers and students of the Faculty of Industrial Management. To be more precise, this is a series of small events that attract a large number of sponsors, faculty, and students on and off campus.

Green Summer Volunteer Federation

Green Summer Volunteer Federation, over 20 years of operation, has been the largest volunteer campaign of students in the country. Contributing to the joint campaign, students of Bach Khoa and QLCN have been and will bring to all parts of the country, where we set foot on roads, bridges, and lessons for children.

The Management Tobe

The Management Tobe – SIM is organized to help the Faculty’s students have the opportunity to interact, exchange knowledge and interact with alumni as well as managers at enterprises through the following events: experience sharing and recruitment activities. 

Reading Culture Festival

BKU Reading Culture Festival is organized to promote passion as well as encourage self-study movement of students in general, Bach Khoa students in particular, this is also an event organized to honor the value of BKU reading culture. books and reading culture, encouraging the development of self-study movement among students.