CDIO approach training program

The Graduates are knowledgeable technological administrators, with the ability to identify and solve the specific problems of the real world under global perspective, have the potential to lead the action towards full values of society

The Graduates with cognition, design, implementation can operate diverse management systems in the context of modern organization and social change constantly.

Bachelor program of SIM provides, for society, the labor team which has the potential to manage in different industries, including manufacturing and service. Graduates will have the following capacities:

A deep understanding of the foundation of the governance, having a system thinking and critical analysis (to meet the objectives of learners: learn to understand)

Ability to learn through practical jobs (Learning by Doing) in one or several areas of professional production-Business-Trade (to meet learners’ goals: Learning for self-development)

Ability to operate and manage specific tasks in manufacturing and service-service enterprises, with leadership potential and lead innovation in the organization. (to meet learners’ goals: learn to work with others)

A global citizen, who are responsible and knowledgeable, has ability to creatively collaborate and to develop oneself. (to meet the learners’ goals: Learn to become / affirm your people)